Monday, 18 August 2014


Central Europe, 2014

Looking for Soviet stock in Central Europe. 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

do they owe us a living

Sheffield, 2010.

With not much going on in 2010 (other than a shit call center job) I embarked on a mission with a few mates to visit/document a few squats/collectives (read as the 1 in 12) throughout the North.  I'm not really sure what the end result was meant to be but we always talked about putting together a photo 'zine of sorts (something that never happened).  In reality a lot of our time was spent kicking around semi-abandoned factories, decrepit council flats and run down social clubs (Stones Bitter is the cure for all of life's woes). 

After a few journeys through Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester I found myself in Sheffield.  On that particular day the city of Steel lived up to its Northern "grim" image and after being rained on all day I found myself at a boarded up building with no sign of life for miles (for some reason I've never been able to navigate Sheffield well). 

Not long after taking this photo I packed it all in and headed back to the South East Coast.

A few days ago I got a text telling me that the site of one of the squats we visited is being turned into flats.  This along with the 4 year passage of time prompted me to dig out the above photo along with the rest of my negatives from my 2010 adventure.